Tirohanga Track, Picton

The Tirohanga Track leads to a lookout in the hills overlooking Picton, with good views of Picton and the surrounding area. The track is well formed, and can be walked as a loop including some streets in Picton, or as a gentle climb and return to Garden Terrace, or a steeper track from Newgate Street. Total distance for the loop is about 5.5 km, with a climb from near sea level to the highest point at about 250 metres above sea level.

Limited parking is available on Newgate St and on Garden Tce, but for the loop walk it’s possible to park in one of the streets in the town and then walk to or from the two end points of the track. Public toilets are located by the Powerhouse Reserve on Wairau Rd. This walk was done in a clockwise direction starting and ending on Wellington Street.

An information panel at the waterfront reserve shows the tracks in the area and the estimated walking times. The Tirohanga Track is shown at the lower far left, between Newgate St and Garden Tce.

The entrance to the track from Newgate St is on the steps at picture centre. It is possible to park on the street while doing the walk to the lookout.

The track from Newgate St to the lookout is steep in places, but there are steps in all the steeper locations.

There are views to the town from several locations on the track before reaching the hilltop viewing area.

The sign at the hilltop viewing area shows the tracks to Newgate St (to the left) and to Garden Tce (to the right). There are predator traps in various locations alongside the track, similar to the one on the ground adjacent to the post.

There are good views of Picton township and beyond from the hilltop viewing area.

The track to Garden Terrace has a gentler contour, and is shorter than the track from Newgate St.

The track zig-zags its way on the hillside, with no steps along the way.

A small bridge connects the track to the extension of Garden Tce.

Looking back at the bridge, with signage showing the time to the lookout as 1 hour, and to Newgate St as 1 hour 45 minutes.

A narrow vehicle bridge connects to Garden Tce.

Some parking is available on Garden Tce. The entry to the narrow bridge and to Tirohanga Track can be seen near the upper right.

View of the hills with the lookout to the right of the highest point near picture centre, looking from the waiting queue for the ferry crossing.

The GPS tracklog shows the route taken, and the location of the track endpoints and the lookout.

Total distance walked was 5.5 km with a time of 1 hour 35 minutes, consisting of:
Newgate St to lookout: 2 km, 40 minutes.
Lookout: about 10 minutes.
Lookout to Garden Tce: 1.4 km, 25 minutes.
Picton streets: 2.1 km, 20 minutes.

Lowest point is near sea level, and highest point to the east of the lookout about 250 metres above sea level.

The aerial view, taken from Google Maps, shows the same area as the tracklog map.

The track was walked on April 1, 2018.

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