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Papamoa Drainage Reserve – Domain Rd to Pacific View Rd

The reserves previously known as Papamoa Drainage Reserve or Papamoa Stormwater Reserve is now known as Te Ara O Wairakei, with name signs at the street entrances. A later post describes the separate part of Te Ara O Wairakei in Papamoa East.

The walkway and cycleway through Wairakei and Topaz Drive Reserves, described in the previous post, continues through the Papamoa drainage reserve (now known as Te Ara O Wairakei) from Domain Road for about 3.3 km, crossing over several streets, and ending at Pacific View Road. There are side tracks leading to various streets bounding onto the reserve. The track can be walked as part of a loop including Papamoa Beach, or returning to Domain Rd by Papamoa Beach Rd, or as in the walk described here returning by the same route through the reserve.

There are various parking options at the shopping centre on Domain Rd, on Domain Rd itself, or on nearby streets. There are toilets in the Papamoa Plaza and in other locations within the shopping centre. On the one-way walk, but including the longer side track to Oriental Parade walked in both directions, the total time from Domain Rd to Pacific View Rd was about 45 minutes, with a distance of 4 km. Without the side track the distance was 3.3 km, with a time of about 40 minutes.

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