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Wharawhara Track – Wharawhara Rd to Cashmore Clearing

Wharawhara Track (or Wharawhara Tramway Track) follows an old tramline route alongside the Wharawhara Stream from Wharawhara Rd, near Katikati, to Cashmore Clearing in the Kaimai Range. It joins up with several other tracks at Cashmore Clearing, and another near the start of the track.

The track is almost 6km long, starting at an elevation of about 155m, and ending at Cashmore Clearing at an elevation of about 600m. The first part of the track has a gentle contour except where it crosses various streams or where gullies have washed away the original track, followed by a fairly steep zig-zag track before leveling out with a gentle rise to Cashmore Clearing.

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