Rotoma Bridle Track

Rotoma Bridle Track is a 1km long, easy, almost completely level, walking track running parallel to SH30 between the junction of Manawahe Road and SH30, and SH30 by Lake Rotoma’s Whangaroa Bay. SH30 is the main road between Rotorua and Whakatane. The track is an old bridle track and runs through mature native forest with tall stands of trees, including rimu and tawa, in the Rotoma Scenic Reserve. Information about the track is available on the DoC web site.

There is no parking or any other facilities at or near the track. Parking is easiest on Manawahe Road, entering the north-western end of the track a few metres from the junction with SH30.

SH30 and the north-western entrance to the Rotoma Bridle Track, seen from the junction of Manawahe Rd and SH30. The track entrance is on the left, just past the vehicle parked in the shadows by the side of the road.

The track enters the forest off SH30.

Many of the trees are tall, but the canopy is partly open so natural light can enter.

A short track off to the side connects the Rotoma Holiday Park campgrounds to the Bridle Track.

There are some very tall and straight rimu trees alongside the track.

There are also mature tawa, as well as numerous other trees and plants.

Mosses, lichen and fungi populate the trunks of fallen trees.

At the south-eastern end the track cuts through a small mound. This is the only part of the track which has a slight rise and fall.

The south-eastern entry to the Rotoma Bridle Track, off SH30. There are no good parking spots nearby.

Lake Rotoma is not visible from the track. Here Whangaroa Bay is just visible, a few metres along SH30 from the south-eastern track entry point.

The GPS tracklog shows the location of the track, following closely alongside SH30. Total length of the track is 1 km, and the walking time was 15 minutes including time for photos, and 12 minutes on the return from the lake along the same track.

The aerial photo, from Google Maps, shows a view of the same area.

The track was walked on October 20, 2018.


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