Ohauiti Reserve

Ohauiti Reserve runs parallel to and partly alongside Ohauiti Road between McFetridge Lane and Rowesdale Drive. A number of walking tracks run through and across the reserve, with areas of bush, wetlands, open grassland, and flood plains. The reserve tracks are included in the brochure Tauranga Walkways and Cycleways, available for download from the Tauranga City Council web site.

The brochure does not mention the locations of the various access points, or where parking can be found near the reserve. A small parking area is available on McFetridge Lane, with only on-street parking available near the other access points. There are no toilets in the reserve or nearby.

This walk was done starting at the Rowesdale Drive entry point, walking by the western side track to McFetridge Lane, before trying to cover all the tracks in the reserve on the return walk to Revell Drive with a short walk along the street to the Rowesdale Drive entry. A preferable option would have been to start and end at McFetridge Lane.

Using the most direct route the distance from Rowesdale Drive to McFetridge Lane is about 950 metres, and from McFetridge Lane to Revell Drive about 1.1 km. However the total distance walked to cover all the tracks, including some walked in both directions, was 4.3 km, for a total time of 1 hour.

The entry location on Rowesdale Drive to a narrow section of the reserve, with a small stream running alongside the track. Currently there is no formed track at the entry point, and there are no track markings or information signs anywhere in the reserve.

The track continues through the grass area alongside the stream with several mature trees providing shade.

Where the grass area opens out the unformed track joins with the track leading to Revell Drive (to the right) and McFetridge Lane (to the left). Coming in the opposite direction it’s not obvious where the track to Rowesdale Drive branches off, as there is no formed track through the grass.

Continuing north towards McFetridge Lane there are a few steps and a small bridge crossing over the stream. There are very few other steps along the tracks.

Looking from the western track across the valley to the eastern tracks, with Ohauiti Rd just visible to the upper left behind the grass area.

The entry point to the western track from the western end of McFetridge Lane.

A small area by the entry point is available for parking.

The entry point, with a sign denying motorcycle entry, to the eastern tracks from McFetridge Lane which is visible on the right.

The eastern tracks near McFetridge Lane run alongside wetlands and flood plains.

A short track to the right connects the eastern track to the western track.

The connecting track has a few steps and crosses over a stream.

The entry point to the western walking track from the end of Acornia Close.

A track branching off the western track to the left leads back to the eastern tracks.

A  track runs alongside the large grass area alongside Ohauiti Rd, behind the vegetation to the right, with a row of pine trees alongside the track.

The short connection track ends by a concreted path leading up to Ohauiti Rd.

The entry point to the reserve and the concrete path from Ohauiti Rd.

The concrete track ends at an open grassed area, with a short walk through the grass to the eastern track, seen just left of picture centre.

Heading along the eastern track towards Revell Drive.

With the flax bushes flowering the tui are never far away.

A small lake provides the location for an area with water lilies.

The track to the left leads up to Acornia Close.

The track entry location on Acornia Close.

The exit to Revell Drive is just to the left of centre, past the white wooden frame.

The exit onto Revell Drive.

Looking from Revell Drive down the access lane to the walkways. From here it is less than 400 metres along Rowesdale Drive to the other southern entry point to the reserve.

The GPS tracklog shows all the track locations, and exits onto the streets bordering the reserve. The total distance with some of the tracks walked in both directions was 4.3 km with a walking time of 1 hour.

The aerial image, taken from Google Maps, shows the same area as the tracklog, with arrows indicating the various entry points to the walkways.

The tracks were walked on November 18, 2017.

2 thoughts on “Ohauiti Reserve

    1. nzartig Post author

      The direct track distance between Rowesdale Drive and McFetridge Lane is about 1 km, so walking directly between those two locations in both directions would be about 2 km. The distance between the two end points on Rowesdale Drive is about 350 metres.



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