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Tui Tracks to Mt Te Aroha Summit

Several tracks lead to the summit of Mt Te Aroha, the highest peak in the Kaimai Range. The most direct track leads directly from the Te Aroha Domain to the summit. A formed road, sometimes called Mountain Rd but on Google Maps shown as being part of Tui Rd, runs from the parking area by Tui Rd on the outskirts of Te Aroha to the summit. A series of walking tracks also lead from Tui Rd to the summit. This walk was done using the Tui tracks from the parking area on Tui Rd to the summit, returning back down on Mountain Rd.

The walking tracks from Tui Rd to the summit of Mt Te Aroha consist of a short part of Tui-Domain Track, Tui Link Track, the continuation of Tui Link Track (Tui Mine Track?) to the Tui Saddle, the Ridge Track to Dog Kennel Flat, and then an unnamed track (perhaps Dog Kennel Flat Track?) from Dog Kennel Flat to the summit.

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