Te Waihou Walkway and Blue Spring

Te Waihou walkway follows the Waihou River between SH28/Whites Rd and Leslie Rd, near Putaruru. There are parking areas at both ends. The walkway is about 5km long, and is an easy walk with only a few steps along the way. Part of the walkway crosses farmland where there may be cattle or sheep grazing.

About halfway along the walkway splits in two, with bridges crossing the river at each end of an alternative track of about 500m. There are toilets about halfway along the walkway and near the Whites Rd end.

The river contains trout, and it’s not unusual to see people fishing for these. With very clear water it’s also possible to see the fish clearly.

The Blue Spring which feeds the Waihou river has some of the clearest and purest water in NZ. About 70% of NZ’s bottled water is sourced from the Blue Spring. The spring delivers a fairly constant 43 cubic metres of water every minute, at a cool 11 degrees C, summer and winter.






There is a short boardwalk on the northern alternative track.





An early resident living near the river used a waterwheel to generate electricity. The waterwheel is still operating.



Water for Putaruru town supply is taken from the river near here. There is a pumphouse, with benches for enjoying the view, near the Leslie Rd end of the walkway.




Walked on June 14, 2013, August 4, 2013 and January 26, 2014. The GPS track log is from June 14, 2013.


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